August 3, 2017

The seller gave us quite a pitch when my husband told him that he had begun experiencing paralyzing leg cramps several times per week. He was a truck driver and would experience the cramps in his legs after a long trip. He tried various products commonly found on the shelves at pharmacies and some health food stores. Nothing worked very well. Within a few years, I was diagnosed with Diabetes and along with it came the damaging Neuropathy of the nerves in my legs. As my Diabetes worsened, the Neuropathy grew worse and I began to experience another different but equally as painful effect where I could feel stabbing pins and needles all over my legs. These attacks came at any time but mostly, they occurred when I had been walking more than usual and often, I was in a public place such as in line at the grocery store or at the bank. It made for some embarrassing moments. I had become immobilized and probably frightened those nearby with sounds of a madwoman being attacked by some invisible force! I would get strange looks from most people but often I would get some assistance from some person who obviously had some personal knowledge of what I was going through and I was so grateful for their empathetic help. ~ I then searched the internet and was so glad to find it easily available on Amazon and quickly became regular customers and devout users of what I found as Sore No More. We now rely on it’s FAST ACTING and soothing gel which only takes a small amount to calm the intense pain from a cramp or a nerve spasm. That first trip to the Alameda County Fair in Calif. had taken place around 15-17 years ago and our home has never been without several jars at any given time. My husband still drives truck and carries a jar with him everywhere he goes. We keep jars scattered throughout the house; bathroom, family room, and a small jar in our vehicles! I carry a small container in my purse and husband, in his golf bag. You never know when you’ll need it. When we do, we are so glad that we have it near by. Also when someone shares with me that they have been suffering with leg cramps, I offer up what I know about Sore No More and maybe even give them a small sample so they can see how well it works. I know for sure that some of them have become regular customers too!