Q: Why is my Sore No More® Pain Relief products a different color than a previous jar? A: We are proud to not include artificial colors or bleaches in our Pain Relief! Because we do not add these; the colors can vary from a bright white to a medium yellow. This does not affect the strength or quality of our products. Every batch is tested for the correct amount and strength of the active ingredients before it is released for sale. Enjoy your Sore No More® regardless of the color of the product.

Q: Do I need a prescription to buy Sore No More®? A: No. Sore No More® is an over-the-counter (OTC) medication.

Q: Can I use Sore No More® if I am pregnant or nursing? A: We recommend you check with your physician.

Q: Is Sore No More® listed with the FDA? A: Yes. Sore No More® Pain Relieving Products and their ingredients are listed and regulated by the FDA.

Q: Can I use a heating pad while using Sore No More®? A: No. This is not recommended as it could cause severe blistering.

Q: Can I use Sore No More® on an open wound or stitches? A: No. Sore No More® is not to be used on either of these instances.

Q: What if I get the Sore No More® in my eyes? A: Rinse with cool water and/or with a saline solution.

Q: If the Sore No More® Warm Pain Relief becomes to warm for me, what should I do? A: A baby oil or vegetable oil will bring the capsaicin to the surface of the skin and you can then wipe it off. Do not use water as perspiration and/or water will heat it up even more.

Q: My product has an expiration date on it – is it still safe to use? A: Although there are not ingredients that can spoil – the active ingredients may lose their effectiveness. You should not use any product past the expiration date that is on each product. Feel free to order some new product! If you just received a product that is past the expiration date you should contact the point of purchase for them to remedy that for you.

Q: My child or pet ingested the Sore No More®, what do I do? A: If your child swallowed Sore No More®, flood his/her mouth with lukewarm water, then try to induce vomiting. To help with stomach irritation, have your child drink a glass of milk or buttermilk. If a large amount is consumed, contact your physician.

Animals have a highly developed sense of smell and the menthol, camphor and capsaicin scents will warn them away from ingesting the product. It overwhelms their sense of smell and, therefore, does not appear as food or something appetizing. The Sore No More topical analgesic should not hurt them, but it is always best to contact a veterinarian in any instance where Sore No More has been ingested by your pet.

Q: Is there aspirin in Sore No More®? A: No.

Q: Is Sore No More® animal friendly? A: Yes. We do not include animal by-product nor do we test on animals

Q: Can I have and SDS sheet? A: Yes. You can download a copy of the PDF here, or call 800-225-3963 and we will fax a copy.

Q: Do you have a C of A for your Sore No More PLUS products? A: Yes. You can find all the Sore No More C of A batches here.

Q: Does your Sore No More PLUS Pain Relief products include THC? A: No. We use an isolate CBD so our PLUS line is THC-Free.

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This Month’s Special: Buy TEN of any product and receive TWO FREE! View Products
This Month’s Special: Buy TEN of any product and receive TWO FREE! View Products