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Warm Therapy

Sore No More is used by our massage therapist, and we have also used it for years. It is the best pain relieving balm that we have found, and we can always count on pain alleviation when we use it. We recommend it without qualification.

Robert R. Dale

A friend recommended Sore No More after I herniated my back in 2010. Amazing stuff! I use it before my workouts and again after when needed. This has become an essential part of my health and beauty products. No other gel works as well.

Amazon User

I bought this to relieve muscle pain and it works great. It was first recommend to me by my chirpractor years ago, and I've been using it ever since. A little bit goes a long way.

W. Kraft

The Sore No More Natural Pain Relieving Gel is wonderful. It helps so much with my thigh pain associated with my Chronic Hip Bursitis. It's like Heaven in a jar!

Michelle Kirm

I was told about the wonderful results your product provides. I tried it over a year ago and love it so much, I immediately became a distributor and offered it for sale in my "General Store". I felt selfish for not sharing its ability to assist in relieving the pains others tell me they are experiencing, as well. My wife has been a nurse for over 28 years and with all those years of standing on hard floors in hospitals, she has many aching bones. I guess I have had too much fun on horses and motorcycles, in my life, and with the many broken bones, torn ligaments and muscles, I have had, "Sore No More" is the only product that I use or will recommend. Thanks for offering this product and its wonderful results. God bless you for doing what you do BEST. You make a difference.

Hank Deutsch, Wishing You Well General Store Cheyenne, WY

I got introduced to this product by my mother-in-law. So happy with it. Good for muscle and joint aches. Has gotten me through lots of achy days.

Juliette Vries

Have used this before for arthritis relief. One of just a few that does help. Will order again when needed.Excellent.

Russell May

My sister told me about this product, so I decided to give it a try. Boy was I joyfully surprised at the results. My shoulder had almost gotten to the point I had pain lifting my arm. In one night of use I had less pain and now use it almost every night.

Gerald W. Chandler

A friend of mine gave me a sample of this cream. I tried it in my shoulder, which was operated on a few years ago. It had begun to bother me again and I couldn't sleep. The cream helped and I've been using it ever since.

Sandra Hunter

I have been using it for more than a year for back pain and on the forehead for headaches. It works fast, giving a cool relief.

M. Karlsson

Like. It gives you relief without the smell. I would recommend it. It goes on easy, and the smell disappears in a short period of time.

Rodney N Persson

Excellent results for lower back pain. I will even stop during the middle of a big job, like stacking firewood, and rub it on my aching lower back, wait a few minutes and go back to my job with MUCH diminished discomfort. I won't be without it again.


It is just what it says. It is good for back pain and sore muscles. I think it is the best thing out there.

Karen Kruse

Gives great relief from back pain have used this product for many years and always find it comforting and satisfactory.

Lois C Taron

This is one therapy cream that works. I purchased a jar at a spa about 10 yrs ago and have been using it since. Try it you will like it.

Nancy R

The seller gave us quite a pitch when my husband told him that he had begun experiencing paralyzing leg cramps several times per week. He was a truck driver and would experience the cramps in his legs after a long trip. He tried various products commonly found on the shelves at pharmacies and some health food stores. Nothing worked very well. Within a few years, I was diagnosed with Diabetes and along with it came the damaging Neuropathy of the nerves in my legs. As my Diabetes worsened, the Neuropathy grew worse and I began to experience another different but equally as painful effect where I could feel stabbing pins and needles all over my legs. These attacks came at any time but mostly, they occurred when I had been walking more than usual and often, I was in a public place such as in line at the grocery store or at the bank. It made for some embarrassing moments. I had become immobilized and probably frightened those nearby with sounds of a madwoman being attacked by some invisible force! I would get strange looks from most people but often I would get some assistance from some person who obviously had some personal knowledge of what I was going through and I was so grateful for their empathetic help. ~ I then searched the internet and was so glad to find it easily available on Amazon and quickly became regular customers and devout users of what I found as Sore No More. We now rely on it's FAST ACTING and soothing gel which only takes a small amount to calm the intense pain from a cramp or a nerve spasm. That first trip to the Alameda County Fair in Calif. had taken place around 15-17 years ago and our home has never been without several jars at any given time. My husband still drives truck and carries a jar with him everywhere he goes. We keep jars scattered throughout the house; bathroom, family room, and a small jar in our vehicles! I carry a small container in my purse and husband, in his golf bag. You never know when you'll need it. When we do, we are so glad that we have it near by. Also when someone shares with me that they have been suffering with leg cramps, I offer up what I know about Sore No More and maybe even give them a small sample so they can see how well it works. I know for sure that some of them have become regular customers too!


Can't live without it.

Elycia I

Best ointment I have found for sore muscles.

Barbara A. Zeky

I use this stuff all the time. I use it at bedtime and it helps me sleep when I'm sore.


Good product for sore muscles and achy joints.

Alice B

I am using this for a long time now and it relieves the aches and pains i am suffering.I highly recommend them with my friends and I order it for them too.

Virginia D Jarin

Love this stuff. Have been using it for a long time and recommend it whenever the opportunity arises.

Jane Pride

I have degenerative joint and disk disease. With Daily pain, sore no more is the most effective product for my muscles around my joints and spine. The best on the market. Stock up, you'll love it!

Lynn Netz

Great stuff. I have gout, which effects my ankles. Rubbing this on my sore ankles temporarily relieves soreness. It's not magic, but the pain subsides. Make no mistake, this is temporary relief. But it does work.

Lloyd Hayes

This is the just the best pain relieving balm for hurting backs and necks or any sore joint that I've ever used. It has comforting healing properties in it that make any hurt feel as though it has dissipated. It was prescribed by a chiropractor of mine many years ago and I've been using Sore No More for at least thirty-two years now! I've found nothing that soothes as well as this product does. Give it a try and see if you don't agree. And, the real pluses come when this product doesn't stain your clothes or make it obvious that you've used a topical pain reliever as other competitive brands tend to do. I prefer keeping pain matters to myself.

Catherine Leah Walker

This stuff isn't a miracle but it does help some almost immediately after using it I noticed less pain in my hip. Not bad for the cost. I wouldn't expect it to do anything for major pain, must minor aches from working out too much or a strain.

K. O'Brien

This stuff is better than Icy Hot – or anything else on the market. Use it for muscle, neck and back pain.


My mom and I have used this product for over 10 years for chronic pain. Gives immediate relief and lasts for hours. Goes on easy with no hot or cold effects.

Paulette Tolman

This stuff works. My massage therapist introduced this to me and I can't live without it for back and neck pain.

Wendy Moulder

Love love love this product. It works great on pain in muscles or joints. Just don't put it on straight out of the shower when your pores are open. If you do it will set you on fire. Wait till pores close again. It gives cool feeling first and later warm. Makes pain go away for a while.

Don Mar

This is the best stuff ever made. Doesn't take too much to smear on joints that ache and it works miracles. Wouldn't ever be without this product.

Barbara Tutt

Absolutely takes away my knee and back pain in 1/2 hour, highly recommend this company for this wonderful gel.

Sharon R. Lucas

Sore No More works great! After a couple of hours on the racquetball court, or a day on the ski hill, I use Sore No More Warm Therapy to help relax my muscles. It provides a gentle, penetrating warmth and has a pleasant scent. I carry Sore No More in the roll-on applicator so I can use it where ever I happen to be and keep my hands clean.

Russell Hall

Sometimes, you overdo. This stuff is my go-to remedy. I first learned about it at a local knitting shop. The proprietor had arthritis and so did many of her customers. She swore by this, so I tried it. She was right. I have tried many other similar preparations, but none work as well as this.

Linda Armstrong

I have arthritis in my hands and knees really bad. Got this and it really has helped me with the pain.

Roma Russell

For me, the product did as it claimed to do. I found the product to be good at temporarily relieving arthritic and muscle pain.

Edward Allard

I purchased for my 80 year old mom to really her aches and joint pains.... Wow she loves the stuff so much, she has witnessed to a church full of aching elderly women who have probably purchased over twenty orders and reorders of the gel. Really pain relief, no offensive odor, and very happy elderly church members!!

R. Chavis

This product really works to help with soreness due to back and shoulder pain. Love it!

Julie Sockwell

The warmth it provides reduced significantly the pain my wife has endured for years. Thank You

Gary Christensen

All I can say is Thank You! This stuff is magic. I feel the burn for days after applying it and it sure does the trick on my old aching muscles.

Kenneth Larson

This product is the best I have ever used. I could not believe how quickly the arthritis pain goes away. It is not greasy and the mild odor is very soothing.

Janet Barba

It can relax sore muscles and ligaments. I even use it on my forehead for headaches.


Love this product for arthritis and especially lower back pain. I'm never without it.

Mary Nell Jackson

This really works. Use it for some clients when I massage. Just be sure you wash your hands after applying and never get near your eyes.


I love this product. Have been using it for several years and try not to run out . I never know when I might need it


My dad using it, I use it...everyone using it...it's the best...better then stuff you buy at your local drug store


I use it every morning and evening, and it really works to help alleviate pain in my hands and lower back.

Florence Mesker

It's cooling and helps my back pain.


It is semi-successful for minor aches but I do carry it with me when engaging in sports activities.

Sue A. Allison

We have used this product for several years and it does what it said it would do. I would recommend it to anyone who need some temporary relief from aces and pain.

Kenneth Basher

Wow! Been working hard, and this product makes my weary muscles feel better and I'm still able to move! AMEN!

Casey FL

I find that I got relief with no strong odor.

Patricia Geib

This is the best stuff that I have ever used. Once you put it on the place where the pain is, it automatically takes the pain away. I have friends that wanted me to order them some and they love it.


This stuff is awesome for sore stiff backs , knees , hips , and i've even used it on my neck before . You can use it on your hands just remember not to touch any sensitive areas after use, unless you 've washed your hands well first !!!!
I have been using this for years; bad car wreck almost 20 years ago, and arthritis is there, i take meds but this helps out on those days when meds, hot showers, etc don't do the trick.

Barbara T

We have been using Sore No More for years because it works great.

B. Spear

My brother recommended this to me and I love it. You can feel the warmth radiating as soon as you apply it. Also, it doesn't have an overpowering offensive odor like a lot of analgesic balms. A little goes a long way, so a jar will last a long time. I even take some with me when I travel.


My wife loves this. She has chronic pain in her lower back and this provides temporary relief


The best I've ever used.

Bobby M

I suffer from a neural/muscular condition resulting from trauma. Your Sore No More® WARM Therapy provides a great deal of relief unlike other analgesics. Most others are based on the same active ingredients, so I can only guess the inactive ones you use make the difference or the quality and proportions of the camphor and menthol. Or maybe it’s magic or love. Whatever it is: long live Sore No More®. Hopefully the business side of things is going well for you and you will continue providing your remarkable products! Thanks and blessings

J. Piunno

I have suffered from bad chronic Fibro and Arthritis Pain for many years now. The older I've gotten the more prominent it has got. This doesn't make for a happy me let me tell you. It's very frustrating. Enter SORE NO MORE....

I tried both the WARM and the COOL formulas. I love this isn't full of a million bad unsafe ingredients. I do not at all mind the scent and believe me I'm highly sensitive to smells. It's a pleasant scent and after a few minutes, the smell disappears.

Both formulas go on nice, and you feel a cooling sensation and with the warm, it turns into a nice even warmth. I used this on a few areas, mostly the knee, I did feel a difference somewhat after using them. I was able to move a more freely even though at times I have such issues with my knee. If I was asked which out of the two, I prefer I’d say the Sore No More Warm Pain Relief. It worked the best for my condition.

Lesli Skye

Cool Therapy

I teach yoga classes and use the Sore No More for gentle massage during the final relaxation. Everyone loves it. Several students have bought some for home.

L Bullard

I have never tried a pain relieving gel nearly as good as this one. It has a unique way of taking hold of the muscle pain and getting rid of it. It is long lasting and also smells very good - kind of fruity. I would reccommend it to anyone who uses this type of product.

Alice Platt

I was introduced by a friend (she is a massage therapist) I have been using it for years! Love this product and has given me great pain relief.

Carol Benner

Thank you for the wonderful Sore No More products.  My husband is enjoying using the Cool Therapy on the bottom of his feet.  Sombra is truly a great American success story.  You should be way proud of your company and all you have accomplished.

Yvonne Moise San Antonio, TX

I'm a softball weekend warrior and everyone on my team uses Sore No More to treat the minor aches and pains associated with playing (and getting older). Fast and effective.

Amazon User

My Mom has fibromyalgia. She tells me that whenever she starts feeling some pain, she applies Sore No More and within minutes the pain is gone. She is very pleased with this product!


I bought this cream for my mother as she has arthritis in her knees and it helps the pain. She usually uses it twice a day. The price is right. I've bought the same cream only with a different name from the chiropractor for twice the money. This works just as well as the one from the chiropractor. The ingredients are the same in both creams.
Great buy!

Cathy A

I could not make it without this for my hands and my legs. They don't ache when I have this.

Debbie Patterson

We like this 'sore no more' product because it relieves sore and pain quick and does not have the lingers smell. Also, it makes skin feel soft, even it just relieves the sore temporarily but still surve the purpose makes us feel better. Especially, use before bed time, we can have a good night sleep without the pain.

Cecilia Wang

My husband and I both use this and it works great! No more sore muscles, smell good too. We love it!

Jane Augenstein

I've used this product for years. Use it for all aches and pains. Highly recommend this product for muscle and joint pain.

Gretchen Miller

When my back hurts at night and I can not sleep I rub some on and I am able to go back to sleep. It is very good for muscle pain.

Elaine French

My wife is the person who had me order this product and I was a little skeptical until I used it, it does the job as the name says.

Ronald Bessner

"Sore No More" has effectively stopped the bursitis pain I had in my right shoulder. I sleep better as a result. I recommend it to other people I know.

Robert Louis Watson, Jr

We use this low scent liniment and it works wonders lasting for hours on our knees and ankles before our walk for great pain relief! My wife uses it on her shoulders and knees before going to aerobics.

John Sahadi

It's kind of like icy hot, but in a lotion form, and it doesn't burn, just a really soothing cold feeling.


Been using for years and it never fails. No bad smell and immediate relief. A perfect mix of heat and cold to relieve the pain without meds.

Cheryl Hunter

Makes all my aches and pains go away


excellent cooling pain gel and when muscles are inflamed .. it's much better to use this than a heat gel

S. Garza

My family went through this like box of ice cream. It help relieve pains and aches quickly. I bought so much of this stuff already so you can tell how good it is.


Excellent, really helps my 94 year old Dad without an offensive odor!

Sherlyn Piatek

This is the best product of its kind that I have used. Very low pleasant orange odor. This product can be lathered on to sore muscles without driving everyone out of the house.


I've used this product in the past and found it to be soothing for minor aches and pains. Nice smell. Does not stain clothing. Comes easily off hands.


Sore No More has worked for me for many years and I will continue to use it for relief of pain.

Joyce Wilson

Love this product!

P. Rucker

Worked like a charm. Quickly and with no mess or ugly small. I would recommend it to anyone for sore muscles.

Edith M Lang

best pain reliever I have ever found. non toxic ingredients

Roy White

Cool almost an icy feeling as it soaks into your skin. Fairly quick results where you need it.

Francis Villeme

Very helpful with muscle aches and pains

L M Murphy

work good for sore muscles


Can't live without it.

Mike H

Love this stuff makes my aches simmer down so I can sleep and quick delivery

Leslie Rios

Sore no more really did help my shoulder pain. I would highly recommend it!!

Donna Landreth

This product works really well on my sore muscles. I ran across this at a natural products show when my wife's knees hurt. She used the sample and it thought it worked great. We are now a big fan.

R Wahleim

Nothing like it! Highly recommended!

Robert G Sweet

Definitely solve my muscle soreness with out the odor other pain relievers give off.


I have ordered quite a bit and am using it for sciatica pain. It seems to temporarily block the pain and give you a warm or cool feeling as it wears off. It works!

Willie Splawn

Soothing cream on aches and pains

Joanne S Cabral

It works really well, smell is not to strong and helps loosen the neck, and shoulders.

Danny W Galloway

This works very well for all my back problems.The cream is much easier to spread on than some other pain meds that are more gel like.I have both Hot & Cool versions both of this product.


Sore No More is the BEST thing on the market for relieving back and leg pain. I work retail and am on my feet for hours. Sore No More has helped immensely.


I heard about Sore No More Pain Relief many years ago here in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM. I used the cool and warm pain relief when then had them in large plastic screw-cap containers. Now they sell the squeeze tube which I purchased at La Montañita Co-op. I have to say that having had a hairline stress fracture in my foot from not knowing how to properly adapt to the stress of being a ballet dancer, I am now healing quickly thanks to Sore No More. Their cool pain relief gel makes my foot feel less achy and able to heal. It's more than just a go-to pain relieving topical gel: it's a healer in a tube. So, why waste money on tiger balm when you can support a meaningful product and company with good intentions? So what are you doing right now? If you're hurting-there's Sore No More.

E. Mazzie

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