Lesli Skye


November 28, 2023

I have suffered from bad chronic Fibro and Arthritis Pain for many years now. The older I’ve gotten the more prominent it has got. This doesn’t make for a happy me let me tell you. It’s very frustrating. Enter SORE NO MORE….

I tried both the WARM and the COOL formulas. I love this isn’t full of a million bad unsafe ingredients. I do not at all mind the scent and believe me I’m highly sensitive to smells. It’s a pleasant scent and after a few minutes, the smell disappears.

Both formulas go on nice, and you feel a cooling sensation and with the warm, it turns into a nice even warmth. I used this on a few areas, mostly the knee, I did feel a difference somewhat after using them. I was able to move a more freely even though at times I have such issues with my knee. If I was asked which out of the two, I prefer I’d say the Sore No More Warm Pain Relief. It worked the best for my condition.