L. Aguilar


February 10, 2021

For many many years I have used Sore No More in both the warm and cool therapy. In the past I have also used CBD on my knee, and foot pain. Now, I am elated to find my favorite products Sore No More added CBD to it. I recently was suffering from a pinched nerve on my upper back which was very painful and also affected my arm and hand. I went to the doctor who diagnosed my condition and prescribed a pain ointment. After three days with little to no relief, I used Sore No More PLUS Warm Therapy 500 mg CBD and noticed a great improvement with the pain on my back, arm and hand. Three weeks later I am almost pain free. I highly recommend this product for those of you who are using an external analgesic and CBD. If you have never tried CBD but are having joint, muscle, or other minor pains, I recommend you try Sore No More PLUS CBD Natural Pain Relieving Gels.