E. Mazzie


May 10, 2022

I heard about Sore No More Pain Relief many years ago here in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM. I used the cool and warm pain relief when then had them in large plastic screw-cap containers. Now they sell the squeeze tube which I purchased at La Montañita Co-op. I have to say that having had a hairline stress fracture in my foot from not knowing how to properly adapt to the stress of being a ballet dancer, I am now healing quickly thanks to Sore No More. Their cool pain relief gel makes my foot feel less achy and able to heal. It’s more than just a go-to pain relieving topical gel: it’s a healer in a tube. So, why waste money on tiger balm when you can support a meaningful product and company with good intentions? So what are you doing right now? If you’re hurting-there’s Sore No More.